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How To Decide Your Niche

Creating your podcast means you’re going to be spending a lot of time on the topic you choose. That means it needs to be something you enjoy—something you’re passionate about. And if it’s tied in to your business, we hope you’re interested in your business enough to talk about it day in and day out.

So how do you start? With a niche! But how do you decide your niche?

Brainstorm Podcast Topics

When you’re trying to determine if you have a viable niche, you first start out by brainstorming. You want to “dump” everything out of your brain on this topic, or even everything you have expertise in. Some questions that may help you to do this are:

  • What is your business?

  • Why did you start your business?

  • What problem does your business solve?

  • What’s the background about your business?

  • How do you market your business?

  • How do you run your business?

These are just examples, as obviously this is going to be different for each business or product that has a podcast.

Idea Generation

To test your niche, and whether it is viable, you want to come up with 100 ideas off the top of your head. If you’re having trouble that does not mean this isn’t a viable option, just that you might need some help—such as prompts!

For every idea you think about relating to your niche, think of two different angles the idea may have.

So if you’re running your own freelance business, and you offer writing services, perhaps one of your podcast topics is:

  • Why You Should Check ProBlogger Every Day

Then you’d want two other angles on that same topic— 

  • Other Job Boards Than ProBlogger Exist: Here’s A Few!

  • The Worst Job Boards And The Best!

That’s three podcasts right there! You could probably continue down this vein for a while before switching topics.

Do You Have A Niche?

You’ve picked a topic. That means you have a niche, right? No! If your podcast is about freelancing, you’ll want to discuss a specific subset of topics in your podcast. Freelance writing? Editing? Taxes as a freelancer? Those are niches, but not niche-y enough. You’re going to want to go a step further.

Do you run your freelance business and primarily edit creative fiction? That’s your niche.

Say you are a freelancer who runs a creative writing business; you write creative fiction as a ghostwriter. You can have podcasts with topics like: “How Being a Ghostwriter is Rewarding”, “How Being a Ghostwriter is Not Rewarding”, and continue on like that. You can discuss taxes, marketing, website design and more—but it all must tie into being a freelancer who focuses on their creative writing business over everything else.

How to Narrow Your Focus

A good way to narrow your focus is thinking about your audience. Who do you want to listen to your podcast? You may want the general audience, the specific typical audience, or perhaps you want to target an audience that isn’t usually targeted.