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Title: Role of Chiropractics and Physical Therapy in Auto Accidents
Recorded: 5/12/2021

Title: Treating the Nervous System’s Trauma Response After a Car Accident
Recorded: 6/11/2021

Dr. Brian Paris

Dr. Brian Paris understands the toll that pain can have on a person. It can impact not only how we feel physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. For some, dealing with relentless discomfort can cause strain in our relationships and way of living. Dr. Paris has spent his career focusing on the wellness of people and teaching others about how pain-freedom can be achieved. He sees the body as a whole, and takes immense pride in helping patients find relief from chronic knee pain, headaches, backaches, arthritis, and much more. And not only that, but he can help patients find success without the need for surgery or drugs, whenever possible. 


As a developer of the Advanced Wellness Program, Dr. Brian has seen thousands of patients, all of whom have different medical backgrounds. He understands that each person is unique, and only provides a high standard of care when creating personalized treatment plans. If you were to ask about patient testimonials, it is likely that you would see a common pattern. His patients often express that through his chiropractic care in Rockville, MD, they have been able to achieve decreased pain, enhanced mental wellbeing, and more enjoyment for life. 


Dr. Brian Paris is known for his fun yet informative presentations, where he teaches practitioners nationwide about chiropractic care. He is a sought-after speaker for his ability to talk about difficult concepts in a way that is understandable and retainable. He also likes to make his presentations entertaining so that participants have a good time learning! When not sharing his concepts with patients and people across the nation, you can find him out and about participating in adrenaline-pumping activities. He is a father of two young children, who surely keep him active too!

If you feel like Dr. Brian Paris could be the right doctor for you, feel free to call the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center today for an appointment!