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Michael Brusca

Michael Brusca, a partner at Davis & Brusca Trial Lawyers, is one of only a few lawyers in New Jersey who concentrates his practice to helping people who have been harmed in hurting homes, assisted living homes, group homes, or hospitals. He has been in this niche since 2009, and is passionate about helping vulnerable populations gain compensation if they were hurt or taken advantage of.


As a Cherry Hill, NJ nursing home lawyer, Michael currently serves on the Executive Board of the national Nursing Home Litigation Group for the American Association for Justice. He has had his work published many different times, including in the New Jersey Law Journal and in “Trial,” the attorney magazine published and disseminated nationally by the American Association for Justice. He regularly tours around the country to lecture other nursing home abuse lawyers about how to correctly prosecute a case, and gives advice and his own success stories so that other attorneys can use these tactics to help their clients in court.


A big reason Michael is so passionate about nursing home abuse law is because he watched one of his own family members suffer and eventually pass away due to trouble in an assisted living home. He knows what it is like to go through something like this, and wants to help others get some sort of compensation for their pain and loss.


In the past, Michael traveled around the world with the United States Air Force, where he served as Judge Advocate and tried many different cases. He has worked in Japan, Qatar, and Kuwait, along with many other places. He also was lead counsel for the plaintiff in Dwyer v. Harborview, which generated the largest nursing home verdict in New Jersey, reaching $13.2 million. The case ended up settling for a different amount on appeal, but was still a historic case. Michael wants to keep devoting his time and energy to helping others in this space, and will continue to do so throughout the rest of his career.

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